the challenge

The Kintu Trial is a mountain bike event for the trained cyclist who chooses to avoid the beaten track as much as possible and who is looking for a challenging and adventurous route through beautiful surroundings. The Kintu Trial guarantees adventure, wild nature and challenging mountain biking.

The Kintu Trial is a 5-day event in which the enthusiasm for cycling and adventure is key. In 5 days the participants ride about 500KM in total and 1900 altitude meters a day. The tracks are composed by local mountain bikers in the months leading up to the event and are therefore unique. Each edition will have a different route and the event will therefore never be the same. However, each route will always require the necessary technical demands and utmost fitness from the participants. The event is closest to a challenge. Time is kept, but it is not a race. However, it should not be seen as a sponsor trip either, since Kintu Trial participants will push their fitness limits. Fortunately, all this is rewarded with good food and a pleasant beer in the evening.